W&J 2021 Commencement Attendance

W&J 2021 Commencement Attendance

May 8, 2021
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Started by Cassandra Muhr

This year has been challenging for everyone, and the 2021 senior class is no exception. We thankfully were given the option to attend classes in person, which we are grateful for. It has been helpful to have some sense of normalcy during this time. We are also very grateful to be having an in-person commencement ceremony in order to celebrate our achievements. But, we, as a senior class, are very distraught with the attendance policy of only allowing two guests.

Information was released less than three weeks prior to commencement, after many out-of-state family members had already begun making travel plans. Many seniors are now scrambling to make the difficult decision as to which family members to bring to the ceremony. Students are making the difficult decision between parents and their spouses, siblings, and step parents. We understand that these are difficult times and W&J College is trying to keep everyone safe, but this could be handled more effectively. 

The Washington Wild Things Stadium where the ceremony is set to take place can hold 5,000 people with seating on the field. With the current PA gathering restriction of 50% capacity, the stadium could hold 2,500 people. Our graduatuing class is small. We cannot possibly be at 2,500 people with the senior class, two people per student, and faculty. 

Also, PA gathering restrictions are being lifted on May 31st, meaning that venues can return to 100% capacity. If this mandate is the issue, why could commencement not be post-poned until after the 31st, so students could be given four or five tickets? You could still effectively social distance and wear masks. 

Again, we are grateful to be having a in-person ceremony, but we ask that some consideration be given to the attendance policy. 


This petition made change with 165 supporters!

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