VTU is planning to conduct Offline exam over online semester - COVID is still rising

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VTU is planning to conduct Offline exams over an online semester. With no offline classes conducted and ineffective online classes, VTU released the draft time table for the Odd semester Examination which is clearly going to be offline.

With the covid cases Rising inadvertently, There is so much pressure on the students due to lack of understanding and unable to learn from Online Classes. Also in the current pandemic, It would be a nightmare for a student to go to college and write an exam with so much fear, anxiety. Experts from the Technical Advisory committee have stated that there would be a possibility of 2nd wave in the beginning of 2021. (Ref. Read Article here:( Indian Express Article) With this, Students would be visiting the college from all parts of the state and attend exams which is very risky, because some people may even have no symptoms of covid. A COVID test only once doesn't prove that a student will not get covid the very next moment. Students travelling via Plane, Train might get covid, who would be responsible for that? This is very dangerous and the authorities have to reconsider before taking a decision on the offline exams. It's not always about the COVID scare but also that in the offline classes, We as in students have not gained anything from it. When the students haven't learnt anything from the offline classes, How can VTU take such a step knowing that offline classes were not effective at all.

The offline exams shouldn't be conducted without proper OFFLINE classes (also only when there is total drop in corona cases and there is stability)  or Conduct ONLINE exams or the exams should be cancelled and students be promoted without exams, based on their Internal and Last semester marks.