Change Examination Procedure for Final year students

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Dear sir,

We, the Final Year Engineering Students under VTU, request you to Cancel Only the Theory exams of Final year engineering Subjects.
Our reasons are stated as follows,

1) Conducting exams in the latter stages of July which will also delay our results even further, will spoil our plans to pursue further studies from foreign universities.
There is a good chance that most of us will have to Sacrifice, Compromise, or Delay our further studies by an entire Academic year.

2)There is no guarantee that students who have been placed will risk losing their job due to the constant delay in academic schedule and also no guarantee that companies would want to hire a large number of students if the schedule is delayed.
It also puts in jeopardy for students who planned to work abroad.
In short, we risk the cancellation of our commitments due to the Oddness and Delay of time.

3)VTU is home to a very large number of students from Other states and even international students from other countries.
Organizing exams 2 weeks after the commencement of college is tedious because students will need time to organize their travel arrangements to Karnataka which is still unsure how it will plan out.
Some students may even need more than 2 weeks to arrive at the respective places of their college.
It will be unfair to those students to only spend so much time traveling and not have time to settle, let alone prepare for the exams or be mentally prepared to even face the exams.
Keeping in mind Lockdown defers from state to state and in our case even the situation of other countries and international travel matters.

4)Also keeping in mind strict quarantine measures will be taken for these traveling students which can be very hectic, expensive, and affects our mental well being.

5)Students from other states who were stuck in Karnataka in PG's, Hostel's and Room's are under immense psychological stress and just want to go home to improve their mental health.
It would be unfair to put them in another wave of stress by subjecting them to prepare for exams keeping in mind their current Mental, Physical and Financial condition.


6)Classes being organized online are not up to the mark and cannot replace the effectiveness of a physical class.
Most of the Students could not gain access to these classes due to network problems.
And many of those who could attend could not receive constant service of the internet and could not understand the concepts.

It takes us 2-3 months of continuous classes to be prepared for our examinations.

7)We can say for sure that our performance this semester will not be up to the mark (below average) as much as we can try, due to all the reasons mentioned above.

THE SOLUTION to our problems is to Cancel the Theory Subjects for Final Year students and to allot marks based on an "average of all our Previous Semesters" and "Internals of the final semester",
and to provide us sufficient time to complete our Final year Projects which were put on hold due to the abrupt situation of the lockdown.

We face a much larger dilemma compared to other semesters.
Please consider our request and recognize that our situation needs special attention and requires unprecedented decisions.

Petition by VTUsouls