Suspension of Colleges until the Covid-19 Pandemic is under control.

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Colleges have not yet declared an extension for the suspension of classes due to the outbreak, and are going to the extent of keeping exams. Students have been asked to vacate the hostel and they have now returned to their home town for their safety and well being. There are multiple travel restrictions in place and the whole country is on high alert. India as a country has a massive population and the sheer risk of local transmission is enormously high.

The reported cases of Covid-19 are increasing at an alarming rate with multiple cases being reported on the hour and many more cases going unreported. How are students expected to attend classes by putting themselves and their fellow classmates at risk by assembling in an enormous number in one area which is exactly what people are being asked not to do, to curb the spread of the disease?

Colleges need to be shut down with the view of their students' safety in mind until the outbreak has slowed down immensely and the government gives the go-ahead for conducting classes. Students should be requested to stay at home and follow the precautionary steps given by the World Health Organisation, as we must all do our utmost in stopping this outbreak from completely devastating our country. If the chain reaction of transmission is instigated, then the disease will spread like wildfire and we must do whatever we can to slow it down.