Elimination of exams for this semester due to coronavirus lockdown

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Respected Sir/Madam,

The reason for me to write this petition is to address our(students) current situation, due to the coronavirus  lock down , due to which we are not able to attend college. I agree that Online classes are being taken. But the problem is that, even though many of us are attending online classes, there are a few who are unable to do so, as they are in their villages, where internet is not available. And even  most of us have only limited data available, because of which we are not able to attend all the classes,  we were told that all the exams including internals and externals shall be conducted together that is get done with them within a week as soon as the lockdown gets lifted.  But how will the students with no privilege of  internet be able to study, and how can that be even considered as internal assessment. If this is not enough the 3rd year students are also expected to get prepared for the job placements. This has become a real problem for us, as it might hurt our hard earned cgpa, which is really important for our future studies and jobs. Few bright students might even fail due to the fact that they are not able to attend online classes. This will ruin their futures. If this is not enough it is really difficult for us to study in this depressing environment. With all these deaths and lockdown and violence around us,  it simply is not possible for us to study. Please consider our situation and let us pass this semester by considering our grades in previous semesters and the internals those were already conducted before lockdown.