Self-quarantine VSB students for 2 weeks to contain the Corona virus

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Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus in early 2020, several educational institutions across the world have begun the process of self-quarantining their students to further prevent spread of a potentially fatal virus. Thousands of infected cases have already been reported across the world (with speculation that the current situation has already been undermined by the Chinese government) and over 100 deaths have already been reported. In countries from almost every continent, cases have grown rapidly with more being reported each day. In Canada, 2 have already been confirmed and several others are under close watch from local health authorities. 1 of the 2 cases have been confirmed in Vancouver. The nature of this virus is still unknown to many health experts, though its been heavily speculated that it is airborne and the incubation period is 2 weeks for someone to show symptoms. From the recent weekend of Chinese New Year celebrations, thousands of people have traveled directly into BC, further increasing the chance of the spread of virus. Our students are at risk the most from interacting with hundreds of other people in their schools. By keeping students home for 2 weeks, the government can do what it needs to do to prevent this virus from infecting more people.