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More funding for East side public schools!

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East side schools deserve more! East side schools deserve the same treatment as the private schools. All private schools always seem to get the most fundings for their education from the students wealthy parents and from the government but why from the government when they have their parents to pay for most of everything?

When private schools have more students they get more tax money (government money) which means that the government takes away classes from the East side schools. That is clearly not fair for the students and faculty of East side public schools.

This money is coming towards classes that have been cut just because East side public schools don't have enough students? What is this telling you? Is this even about the students anymore? The schools in eastside Vancouver don't get as much of a funding or anything.

East side schools don’t get the same treatment as Private schools, which I think isn't fair for the students, faculty, and parents.I think that the private schools should not get an excessive amount of tax funds for their schools to use it for unnecessary field trips like ballet recitals and operas. East side public schools should get the same amount of funding as private schools.

Some East side schools are open to many programs and resources for the students education. But with the government taking classes away and our resources there won't be much for the students. If East side schools had the same amount of fundings like the private schools, all these programs and resources would still all open to students. This could make the programs and resources better. Students, parents, teachers, VSB, Christy Clark, I want change. No student or teacher wants to feel like their school is below another. Let's all make a big difference for our schools.

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