Grandfather 'Sibling Priority' for rezoned VSB catchment students

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The Vancouver School Board has proposed catchment boundary changes in order to balance student populations among schools. With this proposal, some families will become "out of catchment" for the school that they currently attend. Although currently enrolled students will be allowed to continue at their current school, their younger siblings will no longer be granted "sibling priority" when they become school aged. They will be required to apply as an out of catchment applicant; the likelihood of being accepted as such being very low.

As a result, families will have to choose to either move all of their children to a new school, or enroll their children at two different schools.

Many of these families have actively worked to develop their school community, and their children have developed relationships with the teachers, support staff and other students. To put parents in a situation where they must choose between withdrawing their child from the current school community, or splitting their family between two different school is discompassionate.

In order to reduce the negative impact of the boundary changes, the Vancouver School Board should grant families with children who would be "grandfathered" into the catchment "sibling priority". We believe this will still allow the VSB to ultimately reach their goal of a more balanced population distribution while at the same time minimizing the disruption to the community. 

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