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Cognizant clean up your act - Restore Thiruneermalai Lake

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Dear Friend,

Thiruneermalai Lake is located near Tambaram, Chennai. Once upon a time, it was a sight to behold with clean water, green field and lush vegetation. However now it is a sight of negligence and pollution. The water is dirty with deep stench coming out of it.

The tragic transformation of the Lake is the responsibility of MEPZ, Tambaram and Cognizant. Here is the story of destruction.

Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is a special economic zone in Chennai, India. It was established in 1984 to promote foreign direct investment, enhance foreign exchange earnings, and create greater employment opportunities in the region. It has two Common Sewage Treatment Plants whose work is to treat the sewage and recycle the water so that it can be used again.

Out of the two, one of the plant which is smaller in size is dedicated to Cognizant. This plant has not been functional since 2014 and yet Cognizant has not taken any steps to repair the plant.

The bigger plant is only 30% functional. Both MEPZ and its occupant Cognizant have turned a blind eye to the functioning of the Plants. Instead of treating the sewage, they directed it to the Thiruneermalai Lake. Thereby deeply polluting the water body.

The lake had become so polluted that the stench of the Lake traverses far and wide. The ground water has been compromised resulting in water that is not fit for usage leave alone consumption. . To take care of few thousand employees of Cognizant, the Life of over lakhs of people around the lake is neglected. The lake which catered to migratory birds at one point is now a sewage pothole. The local biodiversity has been completely destroyed.

This tragedy is the result of negligence on part of MEPZ and Cognizant. Instead of being socially responsible, they have chosen to neglect the local water bodies and the plight of the local community

We are urging Cognizant to RESTORE THIRUNEERMALAI LAKE. They refrained from their responsibility to treat their sewage and now an entire community is suffering. Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities should be about restoring the lake. Any other CSR activities by them is an eyewash.

The Erichuvadugal documentary shows how Cognizant destroyed the lake. The link is Erichuvadugal Documentary

The Lake deserves its Justice. Please sign this petition to Restore the Thiruneermalai Lake.


Green Shadow Team, Chennai

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