You cast your vote, now protect it

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My name is Solomon Rajput. I ran for Congress in Michigan because I trust the democratic process, and I care about the right of every citizen to have their voice represented in the electoral process. In September 2020, I channeled the progressive energy from my campaign to launch Done Waiting, a grassroots organization of young people advocating for down-ballot progressive candidates and policy. 

These past few days have shown there is a serious threat to our democracy. I have seen it firsthand and so have all of you. The Republican leadership is going against the core of our democratic process by trying to invalidate the votes of hundreds of thousands of American citizens exercising their rights. As the election comes to a close, Trump is acting like a sore loser with no respect for the rules, and we need to fight back against his desperate attempts to discredit the process and disenfranchise citizens in Michigan and across the country.

Joe Biden is the President-elect but Donald Trump shows no signs of conceding and indicates he intends to fight the outcome of our free and fair election. On the news, we have seen people mobbing ballot counting centers to slow down ballot counters as they tally votes. Additionally, Trump is levying lawsuits against states to throw out legitimate ballots and is trying to take advantage of the Supreme Court to breach the will of the American people. 

This is appalling and goes against everything America stands for. You took the first step by voting, but I ask that you now take the next step to ensure it is counted. If you mailed in your ballot, you can learn how to track your vote here.

Sign this petition and protect your vote from Trump’s attempts to take away your democratic rights.

As a citizen of Michigan, I am so proud of the grassroots organizing that mobilized historic voter turnout and turned our state blue. Grassroots organizing is the cornerstone of the progressive movement and a just democracy. Hundreds of protests, tens of thousands of calls, and millions of petitions like this one lead to real change in our democracy. Don’t let Trump steal this election.