Vote For Our Lives: show officials the stricter gun reform you are looking for as you vote

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For years, our elected officials have debated their stances on various aspects of gun reform. However, after the increase in mass shootings and homicides over the years, it is clear that reform has to be made AND NOW before another innocent life is taken as a result of government inaction. The NRA has controlled our elected officials for years and it is time that we all rise together to make it clear to those officials that if they do not shift their focus to the safety of children and civilians, we will make a point to remove them from office. This petition is an opportunity for students, registered voters, and future voters to show that they stand with the movement of stricter gun reform and will not be afraid to cast their votes against officials that aren’t helping aid in the betterment of our safety through the listed reforms. By signing this petition, you proclaim that when given the opportunity you will vote for the official that pledges to:


  1. Support a bill that bans assault weapons as well as high capacity magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets. Actions for this have been seen in history such as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 and the 1994 federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Both made it illegal to transfer or possess “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” as well as the ban on the manufacture, transfer, and possession of semi-automatic assault weapons. Officials either need to push for the institution of those bans which proved to be effective or to create a new bill which encompasses those similar ideals.
  2. Support a bill like the Manchin-Toomey Bipartisan Background Checks Compromise that implements stricter background checks as well as requires universal background checks in every commercial gun sale. Congress should enact legislation to require a background check for EVERY commercial gun sale, including those facilitated by websites and gun shows.The current loophole that exempts private sales and unlicensed dealers from requiring a background check when ordering a gun from online websites like allows hundreds of unqualified people including criminals to anonymously obtain a gun. This is all completely legal and has resulted in the tragic stories of Zina Daniel and Jitka Vesel to name a few. The gun show loophole needs to be removed which also allows any buyer to purchase a gun without the requirement of a background check.
  3. Support the Justice Department’s proposed rule which would ban bump stocks. This rule would define “machine gun” to include bump-stock-type devices under federal law. It would result in the banning of bump stock- a gun modification that enables semi-automatic weapons to operate similarly to fully automatic machine guns as used in the Las Vegas Shooting.
  4. Support the implementation of the Massachusetts Public Safety and Good Order Section 131L nationwide- which has stricter requirements for storing firearms. Massachusetts’ law requires individuals to securely store firearms in a locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other gun safety device. This would make it harder for anyone but the owner to have access to the firearm, therefore, preventing unintended users from being able to also have access to it.
  5. Support the reversal of the Dickey Amendment which prevents the CDC from continuing gun violence prevention research. The Injury Center in the CDC found that two big leading causes of injury and death were cars and guns and so they allocated $2.6 million towards research on guns in order to understand every aspect of their effect in society. After publishing an article showing that their research proved having a  gun in your home increased the risk that someone in your family would die in a gun homicide by three times and the risk of suicide went up 400%. The NRA did not want to hear this and so they spearheaded the push behind the Dickey Amendment which was a provision in a 1996 spending bill that prevented government funds from being used to “advocate or promote gun control”. It also took away $2.6 million of funding from the CDC which was exactly what the CDC had been spending on gun violence prevention research. One of the ways the NRA is able to continuously have so much power is because there isn’t enough national research on guns and their Dickey Amendment prevents Americans like you from knowing the full truth.  

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