Republicans Demand the Immediate Resignation of Senator Bill Cassidy

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U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) must resign for his vote to convict President Donald Trump for "inciting an insurrection." This vote is an affront to the voters of Louisiana who re-elected Senator Cassidy last year. Louisiana voters also supported the re-election of President Trump by a 59-40% margin. 

Cassidy's re-election campaign commercials emphasized his endorsement by President Trump.  After using President Trump to win re-election, he immediately criticized him for challenging the election results. He then joined with Democrats and six other Republicans to vote for the conviction of President Trump.

The President did not call for violence. Instead he asked his supporters to "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." This sham trial was a disgrace for President Trump had already left office and could not be removed. A partisan Democrat Senator presided as "judge." The only reason for this Kangaroo Court was to embarrass MAGA supporters and President Trump and try to prevent him from running for office again. 

Many Democrats have used much angrier language than President Trump and none of them have been impeached or even sanctioned. For Senator Cassidy to support this double standard is an outrage. His actions do not reflect the will of the people of Louisiana. Thus, he must resign.