Recall District Attorney Margaret Moore

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I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas as a Civil Engineering major. I was so ecstatic to have the ability to attend a world renowned public university with a reputation of stellar academic success and abundant opportunity for professional development. During the Fall of my Freshman year, I was attending classes and getting involved with student organizations, but I encountered a major roadblock. I was drugged and raped by a 26 year old man, resulting in severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He stole my backpack containing my medications, laptop, textbooks, and class notes. I reported the assault to the campus police and then to the Austin Police Department. I worked with a detective and victim counselor to review my case and determine the best path forward. I was very grateful for the assistance and support they were able to provide me as a survivor of a violent sex crime. Despite all of their work on my case and the evidence collected showing this man caused physical, mental, and emotional wounds, I received a call from my detective that Margaret Moore had chosen not to pursue my case because she believed it would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. This news was absolutely devastating and confirmed my belief that the Travis County District Attorney does not support sexual assault survivors in their pursuit of justice. Women and men in the Austin area deserve to know they have a justice system that protects victims despite difficulties in prosecution. 

Unfortunately, my case is far too common, especially in Austin, Texas. In 2017, Austin had the highest number of rapes reported in large Texas cities. Over 600 sexual assault allegations were made, but only 1 person was found guilty by a jury. This is absolutely unacceptable. It is time for Austin to make significant changes to their system so it addresses these atrocious crimes. We must create a system that effectively prosecutes rapists, or they will continue to harass and assault individuals and be left unpunished. Margaret Moore’s failure to bring sexual assault cases to court proves she does not value the safety of women in our county. She allows rapists to live their lives without consequence, therefore validating sexual assault and ultimately encouraging it to continue by perpetuating the cycle of abuse from rapists.

Because Margaret Moore refuses to make these prosecutions, we must remove her from office. She is not keeping the public safe from sexual assault and we must demand a change in power. Please consider all of the women you know, and those who live in silence, who need allies as they try to navigate their lives after trauma. Many groups, such as Austin Firefighters Association, have called for change and have taken on DA Moore. Join me in my goal to remove Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore from office. We must have a District Attorney that will prosecute sexual assault cases and bring about justice and a sense of safety for us all.