Stop Congress NCP Sena Alliance in Maharashtra

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Voters in Maharashtra gave mandate for a BJP SS  Alliance to form state government. But the voters trust has been broken by opposing parties forming an unholy alliance to come to power. This unholy alliance will affect the states progress in terms of the on going projects that will stagnate and go on hold. We, the people, feel cheated, and demand a re election as we voted for BJP SS goverment and not INC NCP SS. Political parties who hate each other openly, are coming together for their love of power and dynasty. We want re election. If SS wants their CM, let them fight it out in election without any alliance. Let people choose again. A little money spent again on re election will be worth more than the lakhs of crores of public money that this unholy alliance will be putting at stake to come to power. Hope people of Maharashtra have realized how these parties function for their own benefit and give a resounding response by choosing to re elect once more. Lets request the honorable President to hold re election at the earliest, as even six months delay in projects will cost the tax payer much more. Thank You.