Stop Any Nobel Nomination of Donald J. Trump because of Political Corruption

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Stop Trump from any consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize and Vote Trump out of office #CountEmOut.  If Trump wins the prize, hat will make Arab-Israeli peace mediators more successful at charming the Nobel Committee them to nominate a sincere credible advocates. While the list is long reasons that if the committee nominates Trump they will bringing together all the potential violations in one place and undermine the credibility if the Peace Prize.

We are working to document and monitor the wide range of human rights being undermined by this administration at home and abroad. The Trump administration over a phone call gave pressure and allowed Turkey’s declared intention is to create a 20-mile-deep, 300-mile which peel aways protections and cost Thousands of Kurdiash Lives and over 70,000 now in concentration camps. 

Trumps effort to stop the of Immigration into the US lead to over 200 overpacked immigration jails on US Territory-places where men, women, children were treated in subhuman conditions all due to Trump politically motivated campaign promises.  

In the USA Trump's direct flirtation and association with the White Supremacist movement has lead to a certain Rise of White Supremacy Military Groups Including the KKK. Groups that embrace this President as their very own.

We would in effect ask the committee to decline any potential Trump notication to award a peace prize 19 times, most recently in 1972.