Vote Yes for Community Housing

Vote Yes for Community Housing

September 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Melanie Hayward

We have a housing crisis on the East End of Long Island and it threatens the future of our communities.  Please sign (and share) this petition to publicly declare support for the upcoming community housing referendum and to commit to a YES vote this November 8th. 

Local businesses struggle to hire and keep employees. Young adults who grew up here are forced to leave after graduation. Healthcare workers and first responders are in short supply. Teachers, weary of the long commute, are resigning. Volunteer firefighters have been steadily declining. Longtime residents are being forced to move.

Our year-round community is the backbone of our economy—we can’t afford to lose it. Vote YES on the Town Proposition (in Southampton, East Hampton, Shelter Island, and Southold) for Community Housing this November 8th!

The Proposition would authorize each town—East Hampton, Southampton, Southold, and Shelter Island— to establish its own Community Housing fund. Money for it would be raised through a half-percent (0.5%) real estate transfer fee paid by those who buy real estate — not by existing homeowners. First-time buyers who qualify would be exempt from this fee.

Each town will create its own community housing plan. Here are some ways the Community Housing Fund could be used:

  • Build new housing or rehabilitating existing structures for sale or rent;
  • Partner with private employers (like hospitals) to build housing for local employees;
  • Ensure community housing complies with Smart Growth Principles such as protecting water and wetlands.

Passing the Proposition for Community Housing will be a game-changer. It will give the towns an ongoing source of funding to support the housing needs of our local community now and in future.

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Please note that the funds solicited after signing this petition are for, not Vote Yes efforts. To support the costs associated with our education and awareness efforts for this referendum (flyers, lawn signs, radio and newspaper ads, mailers, etc) donate here


This petition made change with 312 supporters!

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