Elect Nahj Badru and unite America's parties. WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

Elect Nahj Badru and unite America's parties. WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

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Started by Nahj Badru

Nahj Badru grew up in the northern inner-cities of New Jersey dreaming of achieving the American Dream. Badru is an Entrepreneur following careers in the Aerospace and Banking Industries. Her father, a hard-working carpenter, led the family faithfully as they experienced first-hand, the many struggles of American Lower and Middle-Class Families. Following her father’s death at age 13, Nahj watched her mother’s struggle as she climbed 28 years of the Wall Street corporate ladder to ultimately be laid off with a minuscule severance package. These various life experiences have instilled in Nahj what is necessary to recognize the components required to bring about positive change. Badru currently lives in Georgia where she has resided for the past 11 years.

Are you frustrated with the status quo politics that Americans face every 2-4 years during elections? Are you tired of watching politicians suddenly appear full of numerous unfulfilled promises? This is what has emboldened the onset of this campaign. This Campaign will not only make realistic promises, but we urge you to hold us accountable. With your help, our campaign will address very sensitive and complex issues that plague Middle Class America, such as:

Abortion (Eugenics) 



Criminal Justice  

Economic Justice  



Ever-growing Deficit

Federal Tax System

Flint Crisis

Foreign Policy

Global Warming

Health Crisis

Homeland Safety & Defense




Legalization of Marijuana

Orphanage Crisis 


Prison Reform

Rights (Every Human)

Veterans Benefits, et al…

By joining this campaign, you join a movement designed to bridge political party differences for the betterment of humanity. This Campaign is dedicated to engaging our party differences and addressing complex issues that will result in an enriched economy and a thriving infrastructure serving our Nation, the States and our Localities’ facilities necessary for its economy to prosper.

Vote. Write-In Nahj Badru FEC-1428358 Independent Candidate ID # P00016873. We the people. We can’t afford not to.


Thank you in advance for your support. Together We WILL Make America Great!

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Nahj D. Badru
US Presidential Candidate Elect

420 have signed. Let’s get to 500!