VOTE! To get Rafiq back!

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The dearly loved and respected physical education teacher, Rafiq, was fired today for "interacting with female students", this was seen as unfair because this was his job, he was supposed to interact with students as a teacher. Rafiq has done more for the students than any other teacher in the history of Aic kewdale. Rafiq has taught students and faught for their rights for education and equality between the genders to help students prepare for the real world. All the students created marches and chanted "we want rafiq back" three times this Friday. The last time they marched they were told to stop and leave by the principal because she knew on the inside she was doing wrong to a human who's done nothing to be treated like this. On Friday men cried!, students and teachers cried! Everyone knew this was wrong, what he's been through and he deserves better. Vote to get back our dearest and respected teacher!