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The mayor of Torrington, CT is requiring a ZERO % increase for the 2013-2014 academic year. In order for the district to maintain its current level of functioning without any changes, an increase of 5.75%, or $3,822,241.00 is necessary! If the mayor forces the district to go to ZERO, a long list of cuts will be implemented including 52.3 positions! These positions include 37 classroom teachers (19 at elementary level, 18 at secondary level), numerous administrative staff (listed as Family Resource Professionals), and media specialists! Only our children at the high school level will have a media specialist (librarian)! Our teachers will be expected to function with significantly lower staff, larger class sizes, less resources and be required to be the media specialist too? Not to mention the numerous mandatory educational mandates!

Other cuts include district wide sports, the strings program, custodial staff, technology and the Forbes School roof which has been leaking for several years!

These cuts will have a catastrophic effect on our town, our businesses but most importantly, our children! They deserve a quality education and the town of Torrington, CT has a duty to provide that education!

Our kids can not afford and don't deserve a ZERO increase!

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    Mayor Ryan Bingham
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    Roberta Willis
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    Clark Chapin
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    Michelle Cook

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