Vote NO to the Rezoning of 16174 – 80 Ave (File 7920-0131-00) Dec 21, 2020 Public Hearing

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Residents in the surrounding area are vehemently OPPOSED to the Rezoning Application of 16174 – 80 Avenue and Development Permit for the development of 173 Townhouse units for reasons including:

1.      This development does not fit the character of the neighborhood.  Of the three density growth options, options A & C of the Fleetwood Plan survey (Oct 2020) call for single family homes south of 80th Avenue from 156 Street to 168 Street. This would be the ONLY townhouse complex south of 80th Avenue.

2.      The Project is based on a ­flawed assumption of walkability of 800m to two Skytrain stations at 166 St/ Fraser Highway and 160 St/ Fraser Highway and assumes access via private property.  Walkability is 400m for the average person. From 16174 - 80 Ave, the distance to 160 St Station (Mac's) is 1400m and the  distance to 166 St Station (Rona/Jysk) is 1500m to 2000m per Google Maps.  From the entrance of the development (162 St/ 79Ave), it would add an extra 200 to 300m. 

3.      Surrey – Langley Skytrain extension is in doubt as Provincial and Federal governments have not committed infrastructure dollars. Post Covid-19 pandemic economic recovery will further delay any infrastructure spending.

4.      The Fleetwood Community Association is AGAINST this development project per the City Planning Report to Council.

5.      There is lack of infrastructure to accommodate the population growth.  Surrey schools are in crisis and overcrowded, especially those in Fleetwood. Where will students go?

6.      The Fleetwood Official Community Plan (The Fleetwood Plan) is not complete and only in Stage1, Step 2 (Exploring Options) of a 5-stage multi-year process that is not expected to be complete until the end of 2022.

7.      There are already many affordable townhouse options with many construction projects underway in the area between 148 Street to 168 Street on Fraser Highway and on 152 Street south of Fraser Highway.  This Project should be considered along with other construction projects in the Fleetwood area in mind, not in isolation.

8.      Once this Project is approved, it cannot be undone despite what the NEW Fleetwood Plan calls for.

To be clear, this petition is NOT about stopping affordable housing for working families.  Three Bedroom Townhomes are expected to be priced close to $1M, which are not affordable.

For the above reasons, vote NO to deny rezoning and development of this property.  


Surrey Resident

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The developer proposes an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment from single family homes to multiple residential homes in a single-family neighborhood and build 173 townhouse units.

Rezoning: Rezoning from One-Acre Residential Zone (RA) to Multiple Residential 30 Zone (RM-30), and Block B from One-Acre Residential Zone (RA) to Single Family Residential (13) Zone (RF-13).

Development Permit: Development Permit to permit the development of 173 townhouse units, 4 single family small lots and 2 open space (greenway and natural area) lots and Sensitive Ecosystems (Streamside) and Hazard Lands (Steep Slopes).

The property originally had a development permit to develop 29 single family homes and upto 60 family homes on this lot.   


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5.      City of Surrey Development Project Status

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