Vote NO to a 9.5% increase in Powys Council Tax

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On 21 February 2019 Powys County Councillors voted on whether to increase the PCC (main) part of our Council Tax by 9.5%. If you live in a band D property, the PCC part of your Council Tax would go up by £113. This would be on top of the increases to pay to the Community/Town Council plus Heddlu Dyfed Powys Police so the total increase is around £200 from 1 April. 

32 Councillors voted AGAINST the 9.5% Council Tax increase. 
31 Councillors voted YES to the increase.
2 Councillors abstained from voting.
2 Councillors sent apologies for being absent. 
The 9.5% Council Tax increase was not approved on 21 February. Councillors agreed to go away, work together and come up with a better plan for our community. 

Full Council met again on 7 March to debate the proposed increase again. 
33 Councillors voted to hike our Council Tax. 26 voted with us. 3 Councillors abstained. 11 Councillors did not to vote. If you live in a band D property, you are now looking at paying around £200 per year more. 

Why the 9.5% increase? Because Powys Council has overspent £6.1 million in a failing Social Services department. At its meeting on 24 Oct 2018 the Council’s Audit Committee Meeting said there would be a £5.82 million overspend by March 2019 and that the “overspend will be met from reserves”. The same Audit Committee stated that Powys Council has “reserves of approximately £28.3 million.” The following month; 16 November 2018, the same Audit Committee reported that the Social Services overspend had increased to more than £6 million. At a full Council meeting on 21 February, the Council's employee s151 officer in charge of Finance (David Powell) said that there is a risk of an £8m Social Services overspend. The same Council employee also stated that there is around £7m general fund reserves. 

Some Councillors expect residents to pay for the overspend that we were not consulted about in the first place - 33 of them voted Yes on 7 March, 14 either abstained or did not vote.  

By signing this petition you are telling all Councillors that

[a] you do not agree to a 9.5% increase in your Council Tax
[b] you did not authorise your Councillors to vote in support of a 9.5% increase
[c] you expect your Councillors to balance the budget to stop any overspending from 1 April 2019
[d] you expect Councillors to report on the website every month; in a clear format, that they have balanced the budget that month.

It's time to have your say about how your money is spent - none of us will be getting a 9.5% increase in our wages, pensions or benefits.