Vote for the season 2 and 3 of the 2moons series

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Hello , my name is honorine (surname minguette ^^)

I’ve had a huge crush on this series, a beautiful story, actors as talented as endearing, colorful characters, a cute series that is good for morale : it shows young people in a campus, beautiful love stories introducing two men who love each other.
I really think this series deserves a second season, because through this series, we discovered talented young actors, and a beautiful story far from the usual clichés, a series sweet and funny that warms hearts.
It shows us that nothing is impossible, that love can not be explained, love has no sex, love is just .. love.
Regarding the fact that the agency of the actor God does not wish to renew the contract, the series can perfectly be produced without him.
Moreover, the actors have themselves formalized the 2 following seasons, so they have to keep their commitments.
It's been lasting for a year and a half, still no new season announced, I think we have waited enough! If like me, you want to meet again your favorite characters and this series "good vibes, cute, cozy, relax and funny", so don’t wait any longer and help us convince the producers of the series.
Please, sign this petition, so that we may have the chance to see our 6 favorite moons again, continue to laugh, dream, because they have taught us that nothing is impossible if we really want it.