Tougher and Stronger: The Volvo FMX

Tougher and Stronger: The Volvo FMX

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The Volvo FMX, also known as the Forward control Medium Xtreme, is one of Volvo's best-selling heavy-duty trucks. It's an absolute beast in the construction sector where it has gained fame for its ability as a transport vehicle, capable of hauling heavy loads in nearly every configuration. This versatile vehicle can do it all, and it's available at your Volvo truck dealer right here in Queensland.

Tougher and Stronger: The Volvo FMX, Ready for QLD

A Brand New FMX
The FMX first hit the market in 2010 and saw immediate success. But Volvo didn't rest on its laurels and keep churning out the same vehicle year after year. They did a facelift after a few years and added more engine options and entertainment packages. And then, 2020 came along.

Volvo launched the second generation FMX near the end of 2019 for the 2020 model year, and the reviews have been extremely positive. It's got plenty of brawn, but it's also got heaps of brains to go with it.

Smarter Than Ever
From the outside, you'd think you were looking at a brutish truck, one that only knows power and heavy-duty action. But on the inside, you find a much more refined vehicle. Volvo's investments in technology have made their trucks some of the most efficient on the market today. With I-Shift technology, dual clutches are no longer for sports cars. The FMX has one and it saves fuel like no other.

I-See, Volvo's proprietary cruise control management system, detects curves and changes in elevation on the road ahead. It then gradually tunes the cruise control to maximise fuel economy and reduce wear and tear on your brakes or transmission.

Thick Plates and Panels
A 3mm skid plate underneath the truck helps keep its most valuable components from taking any damage. All of the body panels are easily removed and replaced if you find a few dents after a hard day's work. The heavy-duty bumper will plough right through tough terrain or keep distracted city drivers from stopping your day in its tracks.

With a variety of wheel configurations, you can get an FMX that can drive over and through anything you can imagine. Rainy days won't hold you back from getting the job done.

Eight Engine Options
How you power those wheels is entirely up to you. Volvo brings its full engine suite to the FMX, with four variants of the tried-and-true D11 engine, and another four D13 options to choose from. The D11 provides between 243 and 338 kW of power and anywhere from 1600Nm of torque to a whopping 2200Nm. For heavier loads and extra power, the D13 delivers between 309 and 397 kW and up to 2600Nm of torque.

Regardless of which motor you choose, you're going to want to get your FMX from an authorised Volvo truck dealer. They can help you get the exact configuration you need, including choosing one of Volvo's spectacular cab options. Customise your FMX today by calling your local Volvo truck dealer.

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