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Petitioning Volusia County School Board, Florida Department of Health Nursing Board

Fire school nurse. Revoke nursing license for neglecting Michael Rudi.

School nurse denied inhaler to student Michael Rudi while he was suffering an asthma attack. She refused to even call 911! She neglected and endangered this child.


While at school, 17 year old student Michael Rudi suffered an asthma attack. Earlier in the day, his rescue inhaler had been confiscated from him by school staff. Because the proper paperwork had not been signed, school nurse Shamhia Johnson refused to allow Michael access to his life-saving medication. Further, she did not call 911 when he was in obvious distress even to the point of collapsing to the ground. She was grossly negligent in the care of this student, whose life was endangered because of her choice to callously ignore his condition. She did not properly assess the situation or his health, nor did she alert emergency services.

We owe it to our children to ensure that when they go to school, they are safe, they are cared for and they will receive lifesaving treatment if they need it.

A school nurse's primary job is to ensure the health and safety for all students, and to call for emergency help if the situation warrants it. Asthma attacks are serious medical emergencies by definition. Annually they account for 484,000 hospitalizations and 1.9 million emergency department visits. Approximately 4,000 Americans die every year from asthma. 

Please take a stand for our children. Don't let this nurse continue to be the one in charge of their health and welfare. She has demonstrated that she either doesn't have the empathy to help, or doesn't have sufficient education to know when it is needed.

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  • Volusia County School Board, Florida Department of Health Nursing Board

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