Remove the flasks

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Since the flasks have been added to site-108, the combat experience got ruined in a very bad way. It has come to the point that it is very unbalanced. The flasks are also contributing to inactivity, in a serious way.

That includes the job of the Medical Department & the Combat Medics. Especially the Medical Department. The flask has come to a point where it literally replaces the whole Medical Department in terms of healing. That's right, the gigantic Medical Department has become obsolete with just one tool. That goes the same for CM, combative personnel now ignore the Combat Medics which is ridiculous.

We want fair combat, fair chances, fair tools, fair games. We want fair play.

We, the combative personnel, are tired of the flask and its abilities.

When it has come to a point that we are desperate enough to implement a tool that heals you with three clicks, why not change the load-outs for both CM & MD?

Why not modify the load-outs? Why not buff the medkits? Why not add new tools for CM & MD? Why not...? Just why not?

I hope you have decided to sign the petition and form the foundation for something better. Support this petition to remove and fix the various issues listed above. 

Support MD, support CM, support the whole foundation with one click.