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Give Us Back Our Games

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While Voltage USA created the app Lovestruck, the fact that the paying system changed was not obviously stated, simply telling people that all their games would be from then on centered in the said new app ("Lovestruck").

The change in the system was simply put in an external page as stated: "All other content in the app will function as normal (costing 1 ticket per episode or the stated number of Hearts)."

If you did not browse the Lovestruck app or tried to play the new app before transferring, it would therefore not be obvious that the new paying system would be different and therefore, the company is holding your old games hostage, forcing the new app onto you if you wish to play your old games again.

The game will continue to exist but will no longer be sold as it were and even the system will be different, even though it is the SAME game. If you wish to continue enjoying the game, you will be forced to accept their terms (Lovestruck app) without an actual consent as your old games will no longer be available to you on the old apps - even though they are releasing new content.

As several of us had noticed, the new app's most prominent story Love & Legend (the very object that launched the app) has a clear decrease in quality and a clear raise in cost for the customer. Not only the old games would therefore undergo changes that we have not agreed to adhere to (as it is imposed to us) but the shift to this app might also validate a change in the quality of the games we have supported so far. 

Therefore, we are not only being forced onto a new app, our old games, old purchases are held as hostages to make sure we adhere to the new game and, possibly, are forced to feed a system we do not accept if we wish to enjoy the full extent of the stories we have supported.

By signing this petition, we want to tell Lovestruck and Amemix, both branches of the Voltage USA company, that it is not okay to keep the games we love so much in the Lovestruck application - an application we dislike and don't want to participate in its downloading success or failure.

We are not asking for Lovestruck to be stopped, nor to prevent you from continuing with your business decision but we are simply asking you to return our property to us because we have not consented to the change you put our properties through.

We would not have been as angry, as mad and feeling as betrayed as we currently are if the stories we buy were also available for free on Lovestruck, but we refuse to be forced into this new system.

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