Promote fact-based, progressive European politics

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Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Beatrix von Storch - all while we still need a functioning state, while we still face almost 50% youth unemployment in Spain, while the US and China are bracing for a trade war, while the EU needs a serious overhaul, while migration and integration still need some smart comprehensive approaches that are fair and actually work, while we still face discrimination, hatred, unequal opportunities...

It's time for a new way of doing politics, across the continent. Old parties are failing to provide working solutions, and nationalist forces are rising. It's time for fact based, progressive politics that work. Everywhere in Europe.

If you - like us - believe it's time for a new start, for a longer term sustainable vision for the European continent, for new solutions, and a trusted new political alternative, join us, join the change. 

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