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VOK Beverages is launching a new ad campaign to promote "Bearded Lady Bourbon/Whisky and at the expense of the sex and gender diverse community.

It is said to be the urinal execution will only run in Maxim and Zoo magazines.

This ad is very offensive and in bad taste to many people in the sex and gender diverse community.

After reading about this on same same and mumbrella which you can find here :


Once again they use the trans community for there own personal satisfaction to get some shits and giggles. NOT ON!

As for the drag queen involved Skye High obviously has no integrity, this ad alone perpetuates transphobic stigmas, discrimination, vilification and abuse of members of the sex and gender diverse community.

Letter to
VOK Beverages
Skye High
Dear VOK Beverages

I find this ad to be in very bad taste, transphobic, offensive and vulgar to say the least, using us for mere laughs and advertising, Not knowing the harm you can cause.....NOT ON!

Please think twice about publishing these ads!


Michelle Diamond

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