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Protect Beavers and The Habitats They Create

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New Hampshire Residents - Please support the "Protection of Beaver Legislation" by signing this petition. We have delayed the bill so now we have a full year to get signatures.

We hope to have a beaver protection bill in the NH legislative session beginning in January 2018. We need everyone’s help to Pass this legislation. We will post updates and let you know when to contact your NH lawmakers. To find your lawmakers go to:  http :// use/members/wml.aspx  
This Protection of Beaver Bill will require the use of non-lethal methods when dealing with beaver damage control. Non-lethal solutions include wrapping trees and installing beaver pond water flow devices which have proven to be effective. 
Lethally removing beaver is a short-term solution as it opens prime habitat that another family of beavers will soon discover. It also produces negative consequences such as the loss of habitat for fish and wildlife.  

Beavers are the most widely trapped of any animal in NH. They are trapped with the use of cruel body gripping traps that are set underwater. Supposedly instant kill traps they often don't work as intended. It can take a struggling beaver up to 15 minutes to die underwater. Many turtles and other animal species are trapped in beaver set traps because of the non-discriminatory nature of traps.  

Benefits that beavers provide:

  1. Beavers are a keystone species because of the many ecological services they provide to other species. The NH Wildlife Action Plan mentions beaver created habitat often as habitat needed for many NH species including some of those having Greatest Conservation Need such as the Spotted Turtle and the New England Cottontail Rabbit.
  2. Plant life that grows in beaver ponds removes toxins from the water. Beaver dams have been shown to remove nitrogen and phosphates. Water downstream from a beaver pond is cleaner than the water upstream.
  3. Beaver ponds mitigate drought by recharging the water table.
  4. Beaver dams help lesson flooding by providing natural ‘speed bumps’ to slow the water down during heavy rainstorms.

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To learn more about beavers and the humane solutions to property damage visit these sites:

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