Voice for Tuticorin's Sterlite Martyrs killed by police on 100th day of protest

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Atleast 11 protesters killed on May 22nd, as policemen aimed at their chests during the 100th day of protests against Vedanta Sterlite factory polluting a densely populated city, called Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, India.

The day started as a typical day of peaceful protests by common people who have witnessed serious consequences of the London listed Vedanta's subsidiary. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered for a rally towards the Collectorate, demanding that the Sterlite unit be closed. While the rally had been announced at least 20 days ago, the district collector N. Venkatesh issued an order imposing section 144 the previous day.

Several eye witness protesters say that the situation was aggravated by the policemen themselves by igniting vehicles. As the protesters defied the 144 ban, the police opened fire and targeted the chests and faces of the protesters. Over 60 people were injured and 11 killed including 2 women.

How can a policeman open fire on innocent citizens above the waist?
Who gave the authority to the policemen to kill its own citizens?
To what lengths will they go to guard the interest of a company which has been poisoning the environment?

The company had recently announced plans to double to production capacity which led to increased protests. Copper production inevitably leads to the creation of toxic byproducts such as sulphur oxides, lead and arsenic. This has severely impacted the residents living nearby and increased cancer occurences. Within a 10 kilometre radius of the plant, a population of over 4.6 lakh people exists in the 27 villages and the eight census towns which are located there.

A 2005 report by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute found out that there were high concentrations of cadmium, chlorides, arsenic, copper, lead and fluorides in a groundwater sample from the plant’s neighbourhood. This report had also been submitted to the Supreme Court.

Support the Tuticorin protesters and voice against the state sponsored terrorism by voting for this petition. Demand for arresting all responsible parties who carefully planned and systematically unleashed terrorism.