Vogue Writer Nylah Burton Should Be Fired for Wishing Death on Queen Elizabeth

Vogue Writer Nylah Burton Should Be Fired for Wishing Death on Queen Elizabeth

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Started by Elin Berg

"Nylah Burton, a Chicago-based writer courted massive controversry after she responded to the death of famed American TV and film actress Betty White not by sending condolences, but by wishing death on another person - the British monarch." - IFBY KIPLING

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According to sportskeeda.com:

" Nylah Burton is a freelance writer and journalist from Chicago. She often writes about topics related to the “intersections of race, gender, and religion.” She gained recognition for her essays and coverage on Jews of Color.

The reporter has been associated with several prominent publications like HuffPost, Business Insider, Yahoo, ESSENCE, The Nation, Lilith Magazine, The New York Times and Alma, among others.

 She has also served as a lifestyle writer for Bustle, covering topics pertaining to social justice, mental health and identity. The writer has also contributed to Vogue and Shondaland.

As per her Bustle profile, Nylah attended Howard University and earned a degree in Caribbean literature. She likes writing poetry, cooking new recipes, and binge-watching teen dramas on Netflix, especially Gilmore Girls."

As hundreds of tributes poured in for The Golden Girls star, journalist Nylah Burton landed in hot waters for suggesting Queen Elizabeth should have been dead in place of Betty White.

We should all agree this is divisive, cruel and uncalled for. Not only is it disrespectful to Betty White and her legacy, she's clearly a racist, as is proven by her follow up comments when called out for her hateful tweet: “Why not Queen Elizabeth?? The universe took the wrong old white lady smdh.” 

Let's hold Vogue Magazine, Huffington Post, Bustle,  Business Insider, Yahoo, ESSENCE, The Nation, Lilith Magazine, The New York Times, Alma, Vox, Bitch Media, and Shondaland, and all other publications who support this type of hateful "journalism". 


70 have signed. Let’s get to 100!