VodafoneIdea PostPaid: VAS added without concern/Approve By customers

VodafoneIdea PostPaid: VAS added without concern/Approve By customers

30 June 2020
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Started by R Patel

I am RAVI Patel, I was using your network with postpaid connection, now I am using Airtel network Recently I port out from your network because of internet issues, I raised complaint so many time, but I not got any responses, so I decided to come out from your network and I did Now I got bill amount of 1400rs, It contains amazon prime subscription and monthly tariff Amount Here without my concern/request amazon prime is activated. And before activation they sent one SMS if you don't want amazon prime send an SMS STOP to 155223 and I did the same thing but still they activated, you can check in the attachment activation date and SMS sent date Please revert amount back or else provide proof where and when I requested amazon prime activation. The main thing is once we came out from the network it is impossible to contact customer care, if we contact the idea they will tell please contact the Vodafone because Vodafone and idea are merged, if we contact Vodafone they will tell Please contact your network provider idea. 

in the first one, you can see they sent SMS regarding activation of AmazonPrime and if you don't want to send SMS STOP to 155223
I did the same thing on 14th only I sent SMS you can see on the third image.
in the 2nd image you can see on 17th again they sent activation of amazon prime after sending SMS STOP to 155223 also
so again I sent SMS STOP to 155223 on 17th only, you can see on image three,
but still activated and sent a bill of amount 1400+ Rs

Either revert amount back else give me proof when I requested VAS?you people can see three images

R Patel
Mail Id:yr.patel406@gmail.com


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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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