Stop the 50 Foot Steel Microwave Tower in Wellswood -Torquay

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Vodafone UK applied to erect a 50ft Steel Mobile Microwave Tower on the corner of Asheldon Road and Babbacombe Road, in a conservation area in Wellswood, Torquay.

The site is unsuitable for lots of reasons, it is in the middle of a conservation area and will greatly affect the appearance of the area and has lots of safety issues including the health concerns, especially cancer clusters around these masts.

Residents objected and Torbay Council refused permission to Vodafone as the site is totally unsuitable, however the Council made a mistake and objected 1 day too late due to an IT error, this gave Vodafone deemed consent to continue.

Torbay Council were sorry for their mistake and for letting residents down, so they have offered 8 alternative sites to Vodafone so that a suitable site can be found.

While Vodafone said they would look at these sites, they are not communicating with Torbay Council and sent contractors round to carry out the work to the Asheldon Road site at the end of June regardless of the site being totally unsuitable, a peaceful protest was carried out by a local resident which prevented the works on that day (image above)

We now urge all residents who object to this tower to join the petition to ask Vodafone to be true to the values on their website and engage with Torbay Council to find a suitable alternative site and halt any further works to the Asheldon road site.

We ask that Vodafone demonstrate their corporate values are true and engage and listen to residents and make the right decision by selecting a suitable site, rather than progressing with a totally unsuitable site just because the council made a mistake in the cut off date for refusing this site! it would be inconsiderate and totally unethical to erect the tower at an unsuitable location just because the council made a genuine mistake when rejecting the site.

Also there is a new development of retirement homes by Churchill Retirement that has just been completed for sale in Asheldon Road, these are only 160 metres from the mast which is passed on the way to the site, people viewing these properties to purchase may not be aware that they could be in the radius of concern of this microwave tower as they were not resident in the area when the original planning letters were sent out in April.

Here are some corporate statements from current directors of Vodaphone PLC

From the CEO of Vodaphone - Vittorio Colao  

Being an admired company is not just about our performance and achievements, it’s also about acting in a responsible, ethical and lawful way.”

"Trust is fundamental to everything we do.”

Vodaphone Code of Conduct Policy -  Nick Jeffery

Communities and society - We will engage with local communities to help us understand and respond to any concerns they may have, for example in relation to network deployment. We will always provide our stakeholders with access to correct, relevant and current information and build trust through integrity, transparency, honesty and objectivity”



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