Vodafone India - Stop doing Cheap business tricks

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Vodafone India has been doing cheap business to loot publics hard earned income.

While changing from a 3G SIM card to a 4G SIM card of Vadafone, one needs to atleast continue with a postpaid plan for atleast 3months, this is how the customer care executives sell the plan. But as per the Vodafone official internet site goes, there is no such obligation to change from a Prepaid to Postpaid connection while you are changing from 3G to 4G or form a normal SIM to Micro SIM. So this is the first scenario of looting money unnecessarily. 

After the completion of 3months of Postpaid connection, if you go to the nearest Vodafone Store, they are unwilling to change your plan back to Prepaid again, just because the amount they used to steal, will be decreased. And if they do change it, they won't clear all your outstanding amount, therefore you need to circle the store minimum 4 days and then only your Prepaid SIM card will be functional. The same happend with me and my friends, who changed from Postpaid to Prepaid, just because the executives suggested, and when the opposite is demanded, the executives are unwilling to change the connection. 

I had already cleared the amount of Rs.200 and the Vodafone customer care executive even stamped my bill, writing 'Paid'. After paying the bill, she issued me the Prepaid SIM card and said that it would be functional within the next 48hrs. It has almost been 4days and nothing happend yet, neither the Postpaid connection stopped neither the Prepaid connection started. And whenever I am calling a customer care executive, they are saying that" further Rs.200 is left, if the due is not paid off, it's not possible to change from Postpaid to Prepaid. "

Why should a person pay an extra amount of Rs.200 if the total bill was cleared on pro rata basis and they even gave a verified stamp on it.

Begging for money is good, stealing for money is cheap. Hopefully you understand Vodafone India.