Vodafone India should give promised usage to its customers instead of cheating them.

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This issue concerns almost all the prepaid customers of Vodafone India.

Vodafone India claims to offer all Unlimited plan at ~₹346 (price varies state wise) where a customer gets UNLIMITED Calls, 1GB 4G DATA per day for a month.

But instead all a customer actually gets is at most 250 Minutes of call a day or at most 1000 Minutes a week (that calculates to ~143 Minutes a day only). Therefore we get 3861 Minutes for 27 days only which is again restricted to 1000 Minutes a week. So if any week you only used 500 Minutes, you lose the remaining 500 Minutes and can't use that on next week if you need more than 1000 Minutes of usage.

We are promised an all Unlimited calls but we don't actually even get anything near to it.

Than we are promised HIGH SPEED 4G 1GB/day (Select customers get 1.5GB 4G per day #1). But we don't even get 2G speeds many times. On an average we get only sub-3G speed instead of promised 4G speed.

Speed is not the only issue. A huge amount of daily data, sometimes to the tune of 25% or ~250 MB, is falsely deducted thus charging from main balance for extra usage.

Then they count 27 days in a month (before that it was 28 days). Why should a customer have to miss 3 days from a month on every recharge? 3 days per month accumulates to 36 days in a year. So we actually recharge for more than 13 months to get a year's usage only.

#1 a company favours some customers over others. Two customers who recharge with the same amount but get different benefits. The customer which gets the better deal praises the company without even thinking that the next time he could be on the down side of the deal.

All in all we are cheated with false promises, bad network, false usage details and differentiated deals for the same amount.

We are called the VALUABLE CUSTOMERS but instead we are treated for granted, cheated and left without our complaints being addressed.

We want Vodafone to provide packs for 30/60/90 days instead of 27/54/84 days similarly to Postpaid billing cycle. Also They should either truly provide unlimited calls or else stop advertising that they provide unlimited calls and they also need to lower the amount as the calls are afterall limited. They should also stop false deduction of data balance.