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To get Vodafone Ghana to be respectful of & stop insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians!.

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The Tweet Regarding this nonsense by Vodafone Ghana 

There is a lot of bullshit going on in the Ghanaian telecom landscape.Most of these companies take the users,mostly Ghanains,for granted because they are exploiting the peaceful nature of most Ghanains.Most Ghanains will not speak up and would rather take complete nonsense from people freely with the intent of making peace.This has led a company like Vodafone Ghana to publicize a total scam as an advertisement and getting more users like my self to spend more without reciprocating value promised by Vodafone Ghana.Permit me to use the words I use in the accompanying text,myself and countless Ghanaians are annoyed.

On 26th April 2017,I made a call to Vodafone Customer Helpline and made enquiries about how the double data balance works and whether I qualify for the promotion.The lady answered in the affirmative for all my enquiries.This was after I had heard complains from various friends and family members about how the service does not actually work.I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and successfully went through all the process that they had outlined in their promotion which proved unfruitful.

After all of this,they told me the same thing that they had told my brother and other friends.So this is how it goes :

When you call them complaining that you are unable to recharge and subscribe to the bundle through the application they recommended,this is the first response they give you :

1.We are sorry,kindly get a different internet service to activate the bundle.(In the first place,accessing the myVodafone app should be free !!)

Now,I used my brother's hotspot to access and try the same thing again in the app.Again,this was futile!.

2.Now they will tell you to wait for 24hours!!(What the fuck!!!!,You want me to wait for 24hours,you want me to halt whatever I'm doing and wait for 24hours because of your stupid service??Like really??Does that sound right?!!!)

3.All in all,trying to make excuses in your head for them,you are patient and in 24 hours,you call back only for them to request an extension of another 86,400,000 milliseconds(24hours again)!!!!.

At this point,any sane human being knows that they are insulting your intelligence!!

Are we as Ghanaians going to tolerate this bullshit because we are peaceful people?


We need an official apology from Vodafone Ghana as Ghanaians for insulting our intelligence and running a scam legitimately. If possible, all of us affected must have a compensation as soon as possible.

Kindly view this tweet to see the audio and video regarding this below :



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