Vodacom customers loosing Money and airtime!

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Does your airtime just disappear?  Did you get a higher than anticipated vodacom invoice? Vodacom may have allowed WASP services to be charged to your account without your knowledge or concent. Many customers are complaining but nothing seems to be done about this. I think many people don't even realise that it happend or is happening to them. When you contact customer care, vodacom just say you have subscribed by visiting a certain site or clicked on an add while surfing the net. Sorry but I feel this is not enough evidence to just take money from my account as Vodacom see fit? Trying to get your money back will involve seemingly endless telephone conversations and emails, wasting hours of your time.  Surely Vodacom should take steps to ensure their customers really did subscribe to a service before billing them?  Be honest Vodacom, there is no way this can benefit your customers. Lets all stand together and ask Vodacom to stop these unfair practices and pay back all the money and airtime their customers lost unfairly.

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