Get Fibre in Aquadene, Ward 26, in the City of uMhlathuze.

Get Fibre in Aquadene, Ward 26, in the City of uMhlathuze.

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Started by Duep Sazi

South Africa has a bad history of sagregation of people by their class or race. This segregation also affected how development whether from government or private sectorwould be carried out in communities. Most development and infrastructure would be carried out close to town to benefit only a certain group, class or race. Those who did not live close enough to town or didn't fit a certain description were not earmarked for development that could better their lives even though they lived in abject poverty.

Even though apartheid segregation laws were abolished "separate development" still persist today, consequently it excludes the most needy when it comes to technology infrastructure. This creates a digital divide  especially in this digital and information age. The internet has become a basic need in our society, and its speed has become even more important for 21st century technologies, work and school environment to name the few. 

We don't believe for a second, that your organisation has any punitive intention to perpetuate the "separate development" as its business model. We therefore urge your company to consider installing fibre in Aquadene, Ward 26, Richards Bay. 

There is fibre in one section of the ward (Brackenham) , but not in the other (Aquadene). As the community we are concerned about this and invite your organisation to consider putting fibre in the whole community. There are many families who have complained about this and some even lost out on Amazon job opportunities due to this. 


Duep Sazi 

Community Activist

230 have signed. Let’s get to 500!