Keep the Holly Glen Park wading pool on summer Saturdays!

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The Parks Department has unilaterally decided to not service the Hawthorne/Holly Glen/Wiseburn/Ramona (etc.) community's weekend needs by closing the Holly Glen Park wading pool on summer Saturdays. This is a valuable, free neighborhood resource that services children and parents equally.

For many working parents, the wading pool is already only available to our children one day a week (Saturdays). Removing it might as well remove it from the neighborhood. Parents who have contacted Mr. Norris have been told that a decision was made in favor of parents seeking unrelated services Monday through Friday instead of Tuesday-Saturday. I know of no parents who were consulted on this decision or who realized that this was a zero-sum game. In truth, it is not. Resources can be allocated to both groups without taking from the other. Reconsideration in 2019, as offered by Mr. Norris, is not an acceptable alternative. 

Note: This petition originally and mistakenly addressed the removal of *SUNDAYS*