VN Human trafficking ring is made possible by immigration visas/money laundering/frauds

VN Human trafficking ring is made possible by immigration visas/money laundering/frauds

October 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kevin Vu

We are Kevin Vu, and many law-abiding citizens of the Vietnamese American Community in Houston(Texas), requesting that your department begin a thorough investigation of the suspects and their unlawful activities explained below.

We are authoring this petition to denounce Mr.Vuong Pham ( Vietnamese citizen/CEO) , Mrs.Brenda Lam ( US citizen, Chairwoman ), and Fastboy organizations (also call I Buy Beauty LLC ):

Office Address : 11011 Richmond Ave, Suite 900, Houston, TX 77042

for their criminal activities defined with the following suspicions:

. Fraud Marriage. Vuong Pham confirmed he paid for his green card by his car

· Illegally possess over 10 million end users' personal information through nail/hair salons' credit card machines, including credit card information.

· Fraudulent usage of "DBZ" cryptocurrency production

· Illegally money laundering using real estate purchases all cash (for high-ranking Vietnam Government Officials)

. Fraudulent PPP Loan  I Buy Beauty LLC

· Illegally sell immigrant visas (E26, EB3, and EB5) to offshore Vietnam workers and investors.

·Real Estate syndication scam on four non-existent construction projects(raising capital openly on YouTube channel)

We feel that as American citizens and legal residents of Houston, Texas. We must act righteously to bring justice to our community and maintain Vietnamese refugees' pride and integrity.  Your investigation would benefit us(Vietnamese Americans, Texas, and the U.S) for the following reasons:

1.    Prevent any people/organization from taking advantage of US immigration policies for personal gain.

2.    Bring awareness and stop a large-scale sophisticated human trafficking scheme.

3.    Stop the communist migration path/extortion from destroying and defiling the U.S democracy and Vietnamese refugees' achievements in the U.S.

We sincerely thank you for your time and appreciate your help and support on this.

   -Vietnamese American Refugees


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Signatures: 4,163Next Goal: 5,000
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