CBD improves pet health and pet specific CBD products should be legal in the UK.

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I started a pet specific CBD company called Austin and Kat in Seattle, USA over four years ago to help my own dog Brady.  With the help of some hemp treats I made, he was able to enjoy the last two years of his life with a bit more pep in his step and engagement with my daughters and I. Today, my biscuits and oils help pets stay happier and healthier across the world.

However, after launching in the UK in June 2018, the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate)  banned CBD products for use with pets. The decision is not based on any facts, and it does more to harm pets (and all animals) while not helping a single one. In the US, my products, and many other brands, are sold in pet stores, supermarkets, and veterinary clinics; and I’ve never heard of a single negative with CBD. Google it. The MHRA, the regulatory body for people has regarded CBD as a supplement and the VMD should do the same.

The VMD ban will be ineffective as CBD products remain entirely legal for human use and can be purchased on the High Street. However, that doesn’t mean a human product is free of toxins for dogs and cats as, while CBD is safe, other ingredients are not formulated with pets in mind.

So - I’ve decided to take the VMD on and fight to allow CBD for use with pets. I have written to the VMD asking for clarification on their decision process and have started preparing for a legal challenge. 

I’ve created this petition to ask why the VMD’s decision doesn’t help pets - instead it hurts them. All I’m asking for is to have an evidence based decision and allow regulated CBD for pets in the UK.

Please sign and tell your fellow pet owners and friends.