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Torturing people for same sex attraction? Move into the 21st century Russia!

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In the past Russia has not always been against the same sex attracted. After the fall of the Soviet Union Russia homosexuality was decriminalised. Yet recently in Russia, the authorities have been abducting and torturing the people of the LGBTI community until they release names of other same sex attraction and then send them free only to spot them out again for more torture or death. One has stated, “The beatings begin as soon as you’re brought in. The electric shocks, being beaten with plastic pipes. They said that we were ‘dogs who have no right to life."

Many people considered in the LGBTI committee want to escape Russia and get as far away, looking for refuge in Australia. As Russians are encouraged to kill their sons, brothers, cousins and friends who are same sex attracted, they don’t feel safe.

It's not clear how many men have been abducted. The HRT (hormone replacement therapy) says it's over 100. A hotline set up by the Russian LGBT Network heard from 52 victims in five weeks.

Many men go to extraordinary lengths to keep their sexual orientation hidden in fear of the thought of death could be a punishment of others finding out. Vladimir Putin wants to make homosexuality illegal again, yet he would be putting Russia in the past, not letting them update and move forward with the times. The thought of killing gays in Russia, raises a strong point, questioning if Russia is killing gays today, who will they be killing tomorrow?

Case Study found -  A friend of a man quoted “One of my friends was arrested in December. Then they let him go, and he gave up all his friends. The last time I spoke to him two weeks ago, he cried that they had again come for him and were looking for him. I don’t know where he is now.”


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