Restore Sailor Moon to it's English produced form

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*** First I want to say, we all love Sailor Moon. It has come to us in many different versions and languages. With that said this particular petition is a request for Viz media to restore Sailor Moon to it's original English dub that air in the 90's produced by Toei Animation.***

If you do not agree with this petition we understand but we ask you keep your comments to yourself as this is strictly for fans who loved and appreciated the version by Toei Animation over Viz's new line Sailor Moon Crystal.

If you're like me, you grew up watching Sailor Moon at 6:30 on the WB11. I used to wake up extra early so I could be sure to watch it in the morning. This was back when flat screens tv's didn't exist and you had the old school box tv that was 13 inches if you were lucky. Or I would race home from the school bus to toon in to Cartoon Networks Toonami Run to catch Sailor Moon. Back then I had the 13inch box tv with built in vcr player. I used to steal the family video's that my grandmother used to record stuff on and send to us and record over them with the Sailor Moon episodes. Of course now those vcr tapes are long gone. It's very hard to find the 90's version now. You can watch some of them online through sites like It's just not the same. In 2014 Viz media acquired rights to Sailor Moon securing all 200 episodes including the final season Sailor Stars. However as many fans like myself would critique the art work is very different. For me it was almost painful to watch. Though produced in English, the characters of the beloved anime show whom we once knew as: Serena, Amy, Rei, Lita, Mina, Darien, Rini, Andrew, Rita, Lizzy and many others like Molly and nerdy Melvin are now introduced to us in English but under their Japanese names by Viz which seems a little weird. I mean if you're going to produce the show in English, why wouldn't you keep the same beloved English names that us 90-2000's kids grew up with and loved. There is no clear cut line between Japanese and the English adaptation. Of course those of us who grew up with the 90's and were die hard fans mostly knew their Japanese names but for new comers when we talk about the "Original" Sailor Moon we're talking about the original English dub that DIC presided over. Another reason 90's fans have an undying love for the English Dub DIC over saw was because of the Sailor Moon says segments that aired at the end of each episode. These were generally giving advice about self-love and believing in yourself and following your dreams and knowing your worth. Something many shows today lack is a positive role model like that of Sailor Moon. Another great reason we loved this era of Sailor Moon was, let's be honest, the corniness of it. Who didn't love hearing Serena saying things like, "As if, Way Cool, Come off it, Negasleeze, Negascum, Negatrash, Negacreep," and referring to Darien aka (Tuxedo Mask) as "What a hunky guy". I can even remember saying things like "As if" and "Come off it" to friends or family in high school. So it's a sort of nostalgia for me. Who didn't love the English Sailor Moon theme song. My daughter who just turned 4 just a few short days ago I recently introduced her to Sailor Moon for the very first time and she already goes around the house singing to the Sailor Moon theme song. 

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon

She will never turn her back on a friend
She is always there to defend
She is the one on whom we depend
She is the one named Sailor...

Sailor Venus!
Sailor Mercury!
Sailor Mars!
Sailor Jupiter!

Secret powers oh-so new to her
She is the one named Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
With her Sailor Scouts to help fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one
Sailor Moon!



I know you all just sang that in your head :-)

So to get down to business, we are hereby requesting VIZ media to please bring back our beloved Sailor Moon in the version that we best know and love her in. Including her original art form.



90's Sailor Moon Fans