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Hello From the Other Side

My Name is Shark As named by human. This is mine and my species story.

We have been living on planet earth as told by you humans roughly for 400 million years, but however now more than any time in history when human have assumed civilisation we are being killed to the brink of EXTINCTION.

I and my kind are greatly saddened by the ATROCITIES that is been inflicted on us, why must I and my specious suffer such a tremendous agonising slow death for just a bowl of soup?

Hello consumers of "SHARKFIN SOUP" how well does it go down your throats knowing that I and my kind have to actually go trough so much pain for a mere bowl of #SHARKFINSOUP what pleasure or health benefit does my pain actually gain you??

Apparently as told by you humans my fin does not consist of any health benefits, the truth to my unnecessary brutal death is what most of you human live for "STATUS" how can a so called civilised humans murder to EXTINCTION for something VERY insignificant in the name of @STATUS"

The animal kingdom have been used and abused by the so called civilised humans for centuries, caging us, putting us in the zoo, circus and as Guinea pigs for your benefit.

I and my kind now plead to you, so called humans, with a better brain than that is of ours, if as you claim you are superior to all other beings I and my kind not only plead but beg for your superior compassion and salvation to my kind before we are EXTINCT.

Much love from the other side

Signing As The Voice Of All Endangered Voiceless Creations

Shark in Need of Rescue 

#sharkshavefeelings #sharksaremindingtheirown


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