Remove Judges Gerard Lavelle & Debra Ramirez from Bernalillo County District Family Court

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Case DM 2013-4873 ElizabethSite

Dear Mr. Sessions, The purpose of this email is to seek your help with the above mentioned case. Those involved include:

Debra Ramirez was appointed by the Governor in late 2014 to an obscure judgeship, DURING a Judicial Standards Investigation - that i filed against her for illegally removing custody from me, which almost cost my child his life. During the investigation the Governor promoted Special Commissioner Ramirez to a Judge. When court administration attempted to oust Ramirez in December 2014 (please ask administration the reasons behind their attempted ousting), the Governor, for a second time, undermined Court Administration and undermined the NM Constitution, by re-appointing Ramirez to a second obscure judgeship, without being elected and despite higher ranking officials deserving the judgeship who had no criminal investigations against them pending or ever filed against them. Ramirez has also interfered with the TX criminal cases against the petitioner. On her behalf, an officer named Det. Marcus Moya from her inner-circle of friends at the DVRC, began contacting the judges presiding over the criminal cases in El Paso, TX, requesting that all criminal cases against the Petitioner be dropped. Ramirez never stopped interfering and using her power to persuade criminal judges and the DAs in both states to drop the charges. Much of the testimony by Senator Michael Padilla revolves around this specific woman's continued attacks against me. She has never let go the grudge. She hates me for filing that complaint against her with judicial standards that almost cost her the judgeship. I am not to blame. I filled the complaints against her because her court orders (based on favors she pulled) almost killed my child! She must be criminally charged.

Judicial Standards: Lavelle warned me that if i ever filed a complaint against him with Judicial Standards, the way i did with Ramirez, he would jail me again and this time, "no one would get me out". After years of abuse by this judge, I filed an almost 300 page complaint against Lavelle in 2017 with the redacted court hearing CDs, police reports, medical reports, and witness testimonies, ONLY after Judge Lavelle suffered some sort of emotional-breakdown on the stand, on the record, and began insulting me endlessly. The prior chair of JS was Mr. Roybal. The prior chairman has been witness to the abuse of power, obstruction of justice and overall criminal behavior by the Governor and by those close to her. Mr. Roybal was recently removed from his position as the chair of Judicial Standards and was replaced by another friend of the Governor. The new chair woman sent me a letter stating that the on the record testimony of the then Senate Whip (Senator Michael Padilla testified on my behalf, on the record) against Ramirez and against all named in the complaint was not a credible source of testimony. This happened Sept 2017. This is when i fled the state of NM.

Albuquerque DA: I have several emails from ADA Jason Greeley. The prior ADA REFUSED to prosecute the father of my child for the over dozen criminal cases pending against him. Instead, the court began to 'make mistakes' on his cases. The cases were shuffled around until the timely filing ran out and the cases were dismissed. Other cases were 'mistakenly' placed under my social security number and my DOB and were subsequently dismissed as well due to the 'confusion'. My record still shows the Nolle Prosequi charges that were 'erroneously' placed under my name, when i was the victim! To this day the DA has refused to correct my record for their 'mistakes'. Judge Geraldine Rivera did what she could to help me, but the offices of the DA have refused to allow her to help me. Most criminal charges against the petitioner were never even entered into the DA's court system. The officers would investigate, turned over a prosecuteable case with the DA's office, yet 80-90% of the cases were never assigned a case number by the DAs. Most cases are just being allowed to sit and expire. The one battery case that did make it to a judge with the DA prosecuting, was reassigned many times and when the jury was selected, the case was dismissed because the "officer's lapel tape disappeared from Police HQ."

Las Cruces DA: I was drugged, kidnapped and taken across states lines from El Paso, TX to Las Cruces, NM. While in NM, i was beaten, raped and left for dead (i kept the pregnancy from this incident, at the time not knowing who the father was). When i contacted the DA's office, i was told, "By order of the Governor of NM, you are to never contact this office again and you are to never communicate with the detective on your case again or i will personally have you charged and brought to me with federal marshals." I asked, charged with what? The DA screamed obscenities, including calling me the c' word, so i hung up and have not had communication with their offices since. My rape and attempted murder case has never been prosecuted. No one has ever been charged, and by order of the Governor of NM, no officer is to investigate or even speak to me regarding 'the events that night.' 

Civil Rights/ Civil Court / Criminal Court:

Gerard Lavelle: This judge was assigned to my case after the Debra Ramirez Judicial Standards investigation. This judge has violated every single Judicial Standards code of ethics listed at the Law Library. The judge has called me endless names while on the record and inside his courtroom. The record has been redacted to make him sound less of a vulgar criminal, but his insults against me have made it to the written minute orders. This judge has repeatedly refused to provide me a safe court space by allowing the petitioner to consistently abuse me inside the court in his presence with the record on. This judge has violated every single one of my civil rights. I have since began publishing videos and my story online, which has only created more rage against me by all named. The purpose of telling my story online is because i have already been illegally deprived of my freedom Christmas 2015.

The offices of the public defender LOPD of NM, Nina Sefir filed 2 criminal complaints against Gerard Lavelle for 1. abuse of power and 2. excessive punishment. Gerard Lavelle court ordered me to be jailed for 364 days with no bond during a civil case hearing where i had no attorney, the accusations against me were verbally based and the judge refused to allow into the record the documentation that i had in possession proving the allegations false.

The LOPD of NM entered an appearance on my behalf, inside my civil custody case and Nina Sefir had an exchange of words quite harsh with Gerard Lavelle. After almost 3 months in state custody, still Lavelle refused to release me. I was court ordered to 364 days to county jail with no bond and the judge said that after 364 days i would go back to him in "shackles" and "decide if a few more rounds of 364 in county were necessary". On the record you can hear the petitioner laughing and congratulating the officers as i am handcuffed in the court and escorted shackled out of family court.

Nina Sefir took to court the documents that i had with me the day i was sentenced to jail. She explained to the court that i was telling the truth and that the petitioner and his attorney, Monica Baca, had lied to the court and deserved to be held in contempt of court and i deserved restitution. Lavelle scoffed at Nina Sefir. The licensed Private Investigator, at the source of the dispute, took the stand and told the court the truth. Lavelle dismissed him and said, that his testimony was "irrelevant." The verbally-based allegations against me were cleared by a Lic. Private Investigator, yet the judge refused to release me from state custody and refused to hold the petitioner and his attorney in contempt of court for causing my incarceration.

Nina Sefir threatened against seeking more criminal charges, against the judge, due to his unwillingness to accept the written testimony before him and refusing to accept the in person testimony of the key witness. I was finally released from state custody only when Lavelle struck a deal with the pending charges against him. This judge refused to recuse and Judicial Standards refuses to remove him off my case, claiming he is not biased against me.

Complaint after complaint with judicial standards against gerard lavelle have failed. This judge is not fit for any judgeship, but especially mine. His vindictive demeanor makes him an unfit, very biased figure, to say the least.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what's been done to my child and me.


How to help resolve:

I pray that you forgive my lengthy email.

I pray that you please contact the names in this email to verify the accuracy of my statements.

I pray that you immediately take federal action against all involved. 

I pray that you please allow Child Protective Services to please investigate the case again. (Ramirez court ordered them to not return custody to me)

I pray that you please help all of the children in New Mexico suffering at the hands of these corrupt agencies.

No Judge should tell citizens that they will be jailed for life if they file a complaint against them. No judge should terrorize those in their courts, the way that i have been. No judge should be allowed to be bailed by the governor and excuse their illegal behavior. ALL Judges must be held legally responsible for their behavior inside their courtroom and for the court orders they enter. 

No PARENT should ever be made to feel as if the system is abusing them. No PARENT should be subjected to the horrors that i have been subjected to.

The rampant obstruction of justice and illegal favors inside the family court system, inside Judicial Standards, inside the DAs office, all must be prosecuted and made an example of!

The courts have not allowed me to see my child for 3 years. Every time i go to court i am abused, jailed illegally or both. Filling that complaint against Lavelle has left me with zero chance of ever seeing my child again. This is not the American way. This is not American justice. This is exactly what your offices are entrusted to investigate.

I have a federal petition on my website, to help pass a new federal law to avoid what has been done to my family. I have been reaching out to agencies for YEARS. Every change of administration, every new election i contact everyone again. 

Please be the one to help us!