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Stop the Administrator at Cumberland Council from out sourcing waste services

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Stop the Administrator at Cumberland Council from outsourcing Waste Services and Maintenance

I believe that as an appointed administrator Viv May should not have the authority to decide to upheave the current waste collection service and privatise it.

We believe that the administrator and government do not have a mandate to undertake this outsourcing and should at least wait until the elected represented from the October Local Council election take up and represent the voters.

Here are some things to consider:

Fair negotiations 

With the proposal from the administrator Viv May to transition waste collection service to the private sector, inexperienced employees have to present their own offers for consideration to compete with the private sector. I want to ensure that the employees have a fair and equal opportunity and have someone who has their best interests at heart to negotiate with. Is the ‘Chinese wall’ being set up and is someone appointed by the employees or by the company?. Will the negotiations be transparent to the company so that there is no bias or ulterior motive behind it when analysing the cost benefits to justify privatising?

 According to the Strategic Waste Options Briefing Paper August 2016 if the potential contractors are to utilise current staff they will be scored and ranked according to the evaluation process. The council cannot guarantee employment with the successful contractor as they will have to undergo a merit recruitment process. What is proposed to be done with these loyal staff if the contractor chooses to use their own staff?

We have seen this week the Representatives of a potential contractor “Cleanaway” doing inspection of Botanica residents waste bins. Have all renderers’ been given the same access to the scope of work under the Tender? We question the presumption that Cleanaway will be given the contract without probity and propriety of the normal tender process. There must be tender essential selection/evaluation criteria should be to investigate any political donation by all tender’s to the current Liberal Party.

Fair chance for open discussion

As this is a complex issue trying to unify the newly amalgamated councils of Auburn, Holroyd and parts of Parramatta council the information from review needs to be collated and discussed by elected council members. The election is upcoming later this year (in October 2017) and rushing this process before the community has elected representatives to discuss the information implies that the administrator Viv May has no regards for the community he is ‘serving’ in. I’m sure the people do not want a repeat of certain corrupt members of the previous Auburn council.

Increase in council rates

Private companies are all about profit margins to their shareholders. They don’t have an interest in the local community. It is highly unlikely that rates will decrease because of privatisation.

Decrease in frequency

Currently if the garbage collectors miss a bin you are able to call council and they will return to do it. Under the new proposal the contractors will not have a level of service that would encourage doubling back to collect.
In areas like Penrith where privatisation has occurred the collection schedule has Red bin (Residual waste) every FORTNIGHT instead of weekly and decreases in the volume of the bin collected.

Lost rapport

In Botanica, Lidcombe there are 3 people who service the community in regards to maintaining the kerbs, grass and parks; by Mark Narudi and his team. The local community is tight knit and thoroughly enjoys the level of service provided. There are people in the community who know them by first name basis and even assist them in their tasks. With the new proposal the level of personal interaction with council staff will be inhibited, and the high standards of service may be compromised by the contractors.



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