Australian citizens born in Papua and New Guinea pre 1975 independence

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The Australian government has revoked the Australian Citizenship of thousands of people born in PNG prior to independence (1975) due to an “administrative error”. Papua was considered an Australian territory prior to independence and therefore those born in Papua, to either naturalized Australian parent(s) or parent(s) born on the Australian mainland, were granted Australian citizenship. New Guinea was a trust territory of Australia and many citizens born in New Guinea took citizenship through descent or naturalisation.

Recently, due to legislative changes, those born in Papua and New Guinea prior to independence have found their Australian citizenship - which these citizens have oftentimes had for DECADES - has been revoked. This has rendered thousands of people stateless; no longer citizens of the country they have lived in, worked in and paid taxes in for so long. Not only is this discriminatory and unconstitutional, but it was also never explained to those who were being affected - with a lot of people finding out upon renewal of their current Australian passports or through family and friends! The Australian government is now asking those affected to re-apply for Australian citizenship and pay the relevant costs to do so. In addition, those with criminal records are being sent to detention centres or deported back to PNG - a country they hold no citizenship.

We are asking you to stand with us as we petition the government to recognize not only the trauma and stress that this situation has caused, but also our right to Australian citizenship that should not need to be re-applied and paid for. We ask that you stand with us to let them know that the fear and anxiety the Australian government has allowed by their incompetence will not be tolerated. Many of those affected have endured the threat (and sometimes the act) of deportation and being sent to detention centres. This is not okay!