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Petition to End Homelessness among Veterans

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As you know, in Oakland and the Bay area itself has the problem of Veterans who have become homeless. Veteran homelessness describes veterans who have become homeless after discharge particularly in the Bay Area since soldiers had been getting what used to be called PTSD or less commonly known as “Shell Shock”. This leads to catastrophic effects on the local community as they see people who have used their lives to serve and protect us as lower than them in view of that fact that they are homeless. This impacts the family and friends of the veterans themselves. We are assured that you are already informed about this situation, but we wanted to remind you about the severity that it has on the community. There are multitudes of reasons why a battle-torn veteran will end out on the streets with no home, such as mental illness, substance abuse, insufficient support network and etc. One of the root cause we want to remove is the absence of information about all the resources available. During our interview with a social worker from the San Francisco VA clinic, she had mentioned some veterans have ended up on the street without ever knowing what they could have used to support themselves. This seems to be a point reason for veterans to end up on the streets as they have a pillar of support that VA provides.

We ask to create and send pamphlets to the Veterans that are in the homeless shelters and in the VA clinic to inform them about their benefits and about the resources that are available for them. We wanted the veterans to know that there are people that want to support them once they return to society. This pamphlet created only wants to help the veterans thoroughly understand what they can rely on during difficult times. The pamphlet should include services and resources available near the location they are at and how many benefits they have based on their discharge. Once they do return to society, veterans do not know about the abundance of resources they have to support themselves assimilating to normal society. We as Californians have seen the traumatic effects of the war in our veterans as they live and lie on the streets of our homes. Our state has the largest amount of homeless across the nation we want to help the veterans who have become homeless create a stronger network of support. This is an effective solution because since they do not know where to get resources to from, so if they receive our pamphlets they could have more information and access to the resources that are available to them. This helps address the fact that they do not have a strong support system place to help assimilate which is a root cause leading to substance abuse and mental illness since they do not have anchor holding them down to society.


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