Get Vitas to Sydney!

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Vitas (Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov), best known for his bestselling songs Opera #2 and 7th Element, has been an extremely influential (almost unstoppable) force on the operatic pop, orchestral pop, country, techno, new-age pop, dance-pop, folk pop, synthpop and alternative rock genres of the Slavic music scene.

Despite being such a big name in the Slavic music industry, myself and many other australians have not seen Vitas live yet, due to only recently joining his ever-growing fanbase. This is an utter travesty, and seeing as the possibility of him having another concert in Sydney is still yet to be disclosed, myself and other members of the Sydney Vitas Fanclub would like to alleviate any possibility of Vitas not returning soon by creating this petition. We want more Vitas!

Having Vitas come back to Sydney would greatly strengthen the bonds between the Slavic and/or Slavophile community in Sydney, resulting in thriving levels of multiculturalism, and perhaps even converting any who are not deeply connected with Slavic culture into Vitas fans!


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