Is the maternal care in New Brunswick ready for change?

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Women of New Brunswick deserve adequate maternal care. In this age of information, people’s awareness is expanding. A new medical paradigm around maternal care is essential for future generations to thrive. Quality maternal care has the ability to enhance the lives of everyone. When mothers are empowered by their maternal care - it is a gift to families, communities and the world. When women receive inadequate maternal care, it comes at a great cost.

Maternal care is an enormous area - this petition has been created to aknowledge that change is needed now, in how we care for pregnant, birthing and postpartum women in this province.

If you have had a negative experience during your prenatal, perinatal,or postpartum care in New Brunswick, please sign this petition to show support in bringing about change.

The data from this petition will help to determine what steps are next in bringing change - feel free to share the changes you want to see in the comments below. 

Lets do it for our daughters.